A decentralized search engine that rewards its users with Presearch coins, just for solely searching the internet. Also, the Presearch search engine comes to support the affiliate marketers with a feature called Keyword Staking, and it delivers free ads. How to earn money from Presearch? Keep on reading this Presearch review and find out more about it, additional innovations, and how to earn PRE coins. Also, use my referral link and get 25 PRE tokens at sign-up.

What is Presearch?

We all know about the most popular search engine used worldwide, Google, and how it works. The Presearch users can make the internet searches in the same way, just like with the Google search engine, only that Presearch is a decentralized search engine. More to say about Presearch, is that it rewards the searches performed, with PRE coins.

The decentralized nature of the Presearch engine is making it censorship-resistant, implements user privacy protection, provides more control, and aims to be totally sustained by the community for the community. Also, Presearch recently achieved 2 million registered users on the platform, and the internet searches with this decentralized search engine crossed 1 million per day.

The Presearch search engine delivers a better user experience, where the users can choose where to search what they are looking for. More specifically, the Presearch platform is integrated with numerous search providers, and with simple clicks, users can change where the specific keywords to be searched. For example, on search engines like GoogleBingDuckDuckGoPresearch. Places like AmazoneBay, or social media channels, and many more.

Presearch search engine
Presearch review – search providers

Keep on notice, that searches are only rewarded with PRE coins if they are made with Presearch or Dsearch. More about this below.

Presearch coins – PRE

Behind the Presearch ecosystem is the PRE coin, which is used to reward the search engine users and to access additional innovations of Presearch. For example, running nodes and keyword staking.

The PRE cryptocurrency runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and concerning the current Ethereum high fees, the team behind the project is working on integrating into the ecosystem an additional blockchain. More specifically, a token bridge to avoid these high fees.

Presearch coin – PRE can be traded on the following exchanges:

  • KuCoin exchange;
  • ProBit exchange;
  • HitBTC;
  • Uniswap.


Also, the PRE tokens can be bought directly from the Presearch website, using cryptocurrencybank transfers, or bank cards.

Presearch coins - Buy PRE tokens
Presearch review – Buy PRE coins

The PRE cryptocurrency can also be kept in a safe environment like a hardware wallet. For example, it is supported by the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

How to earn with Presearch?

Crossing the milestone of 1 million searches per day, the rewards in PRE coins dropped to a level of approximately 0,12 – 0,13 per internet search. Until this milestone was achieved, the rewards were 0,25 PREs.

The earnings from internet searches are daily limited. Therefore, only the first 30 daily searches will be rewarded with PRE coins. Also, be informed that only when users reach 1000 PRE tokens will they be able to redraw the tokens.

To earn Presearch coins is very simple, users will only need to make an internet search with this decentralized search engine. Keep in mind that only searches done through Presearch or Dsearch are rewarded. Therefore, users will need to select one of these search options to earn PRE coins.

Earn money with Presearch
Earn PRE tokens searching the internet

The Dsearcexploration option, which has the logo “D_”, will display a lot more ads on your search performed. The Presearch option, which has the logo “P_”, will display a lot fewer ads on the page. Also, the search will be more privatefaster, and accurate. With the latest update, the Presearch search engine is powered by the new node platform.

The Presearch search engine also has a Chrome extension, which can be downloaded from the Chrome web store. Once activated, the searches will be done automatically with Presearch. As a result, more simplified access to this decentralized search engine.

Speaking of nodes, another way of earning PRE coins is by running nodes. As a result, users will help the ecosystem and start earning rewards for doing so. Also, the Presearch nodes don’t require substantial computing power, therefore, users can run nodes on their computer using the Docker software.

Earn PRE coins by running nodes
How to earn money from Presearch – Running PRE nodes

Keyword staking

This is another method of making and saving money with Presearch, and it comes in very handy for affiliate marketers. With keyword staking, affiliates will have free ads on the Presearch search results page.

How does the keyword staking work? For example, let’s say I want to promote content with the keyword phrase “hardware wallet”, then I will need to stake an amount of PRE coins for this specific keyword. As a result, when someone searches the internet for this keyword, with the Presearch search engine, on the top search results page, it will appear my advertised content.

Presearch review - Keyword staking
Presearch review – Keyword staking

Also, if multiple users are staking for this keyword, the search results page will display the ad with the bigger staking amount of PRE tokens. Anyway, users will see the specific highest staking amount for that particular keyword.

As I said, making and saving money, affiliates who use this Presearch feature will have full ownership of the PRE coins. Also, for now, there will be no cost per click, per impression, or action.

Keep in consideration that there will be a minimum amount of 1000 PRE tokens to stake for a specific keyword or phrase.

Earn PRE coins going mobile

The Presearch search engine is also available as a mobile app. Users can do their searches with a user-friendly experience, directly on their mobile phones. The app is available on both operating systems, iOS and Android.

How to earn money from Presearch
How to earn money from Presearch – Mobile app

With the mobile app, internet searches will likewise be rewarded with PRE coins. Also, in the app, users can manage their keyword staking feature. Therefore, they will never miss a chance to make money with Presearch.


The Presearch search engine will be the future of internet searches. Decentralization will bring a better financial future for all crypto enthusiasts, and a search engine that rewards its users with cryptocurrency cannot be left unnoticed.

More to say that it will completely run through nodes all over the globe, and as a result, it will bring better search resultsprivacy, and it will be censorship-resistant.

The team behind the project is very transparent with their work. I personally follow Presearch on LBRY and Youtube, where through regularly posted content, they keep the community updated with the development of the ecosystem.

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